A 30-minute documentary that breaks stereotypes of gender, race, and location. To find out more about “The Mahoyo Project” documentary – visit


A production from the Flip-Flop lab, this is our first documentary. This story follows Mahoyo, a Swedish creative trio as they embark on a cultural exchange – collaborating with local artists in the realms of the growing urban music, fashion, and dance scene in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is juxtaposed against Stockholm’s creative scene and characters.


With nothing more than two-person team, we went to Johannesburg and interviewed the urban movement characters in the film. In Stockholm, we met up with influencers of the same scene and filmed the reunion of Mahoyo, Boogy & Phola.

The relatively short two-year journey from initial idea to international film festivals has been intense and wonderful. The documentary is currently being slotted for festivals, events, and distribution in Europe, USA, and Africa.


Client: Mahoyo


2016 Social Media Impact Awards: Innovation Impact Video Jury Prize

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