The microsite dubbed ‘360º Jeans Model Guide’ is where consumers compare Weekday jeans and purchase their favourite pair. Due to a high level of interactivity and demand on the site, our goal was to offer a seamless and user friendly experience that’s true to the fashion brand Weekday.


H&M’s popular sub-brand Weekday needed a tool to help consumers explore the vast amount of jeans in their jeans collection. Together with Weekday, we developed a concept based upon selecting two pairs of jeans and comparing them. The ultimate goal was to lead consumers to a first choice among the jean models that fit them, and from there, provide one step to the point of purchase.


The process we used was founded on the agile project methodology called ‘Scrum’. It relies on a iterative process of setting a scope of functional requirements and executing within a relative short time frame. This in order to release as quickly as possible, with quality and user feedback in regard. We designed and developed the microsite.




Client: Weekday


Frameworks: PureMVC

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